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Paccha Turner Chuji is an Indigenous emerging artist and activist whose work explores ontological debates such as the nature of human-nonhuman relationships and the socio-historical constructions of our understandings of the world; especially from the perspective of her Kichwa Amazonian identity. She uses art as a bridge between the physical and the spiritual, and as a space that allows the subconscious realm to speak for and to reveal itself. The interconnection between all forms of existence, and the challenging of hegemonic ideas of the rational in contrast to the relational, are some of the fields that she navigates and explores, both within her artistic and non artistic work.


"Art is the universal language that can be communicated and interpretated in an infinite number of ways. ​


I find the inspiration of my creative work within everything that shows itself as it is, in the truth, in the essence of the spirit. I like to translate and express what I find alluring, magical and emotional using my subconscious language. I try to express a different but existent viewpoint of what I perceive and feel, rather than trying to portray things in an idealistic way. ​


Art is a powerful tool that should be used to reflect unlayered realities and as a microphone for those voices that are being constantly silenced and diminished by the system. The same I believe about photography, which allows me to witness and record the magic and tragedy of this world, and to share with others what my instinctual/inner eye sees. ​


My place belongs wherever I can be creative and where I'm able to get deeply submerged in the innovative creational process. When in the middle of undertaking my role and as I reach the outcome of my artistic quest, I feel as if I'm looking through a naked mirror, the mirror of the soul."